Why Us?

We simplify operations and cut through all complex processes and make client and customers’ lives easier and comfortable.


The Geographical details entails the abundance of potential and prospects at this part of the world that is unfettered and keeps growing.

  • Stable Political, Economic and Environment climate in a good geographical location.
  • National Literacy Level = 93.1%
  • National Unemployment Rate = 3.4% or 502,000
  • Labor Force Participation Rate = 67.7% with abundant pool of skilled workers
  • Affordable labour
  • MSC & non-MSC zone location
  • All 4 Major Language Proficiency with strong capabilities
  • Foreign languages availability

Flexible Cost Efficient

The Flexible Cost Efficient details depicts the customization of operations that brings benefits to clients whom engaged in cost effective manner managed by shared services and shared operations team.

  • Cost-Effective and Flexible Contract
  • Customized Operations
  • Customized Telephony, CRM and Ticketing Systems
  • MDEC supported facility to import language and knowledge based foreign workers for multilingual projects
  • Fun and Lively environment, fair policy employment with equal employment opportunity practices guided by Malaysian Employment Act
  • Monthly creative activities and yearly overseas trip
  • 8,000+ square feet of space
  • 500 seats with all types of facilities


The Integrity part speaks by itself that all transactions and data will be at highest degree of transparency to ensure ‘Trust’ between both parties are not compromised at any level of business.

  • 6 months “pilot” project to prove capabilities and abilities to create value for clients and customers
  • Confidence in the service deliverance and negotiate a long term contract
  • Guaranteed transparent quality service delivery that is value for money which brings huge saving for our clients
  • An Incentive & Penalty scheme for long term contracts by providing rebate mechanism
  • Close engagement with our clients and we keep to our promises all the time as we belief in principles of natural justice and fair policy
  • Creating Business partners in long run rather take our clients as “clients”.
Multiple Locations
Multiple Ethnic Individuals
Multiple Languages
Multiple Support Members
Quality Orientated
Huge Savings
  1. We don’t need High-Tech operations that cost more but little benefits or usage to clients.
  2. We simplify operations and cut through all complex processes and make client and customers’ lives easier and comfortable.
  3. We guarantee savings for clients and better customer experience for customers.
  4. We support all careline, live chat, social media, technical support and other business needs.
  5. We do things straight forward and transparent hence clients and customers will have confidence in our service deliverance.

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